Zombie Posts: Series on Data Backup Strategy

I’ve recently found myself talking to a number of individuals and small businesses about their important data, where it “lives”, and where it is (or is not) backed up.  I was often reminded of a series I wrote a few years ago for a now-offline corporate blog.  After working with their folks, I was received permission to republish it on this site.  I’ve left the content largely unchanged, save for a few link updates.  It was interesting to re-read the content and compare it to what I would consider an “ideal” strategy today.  Aside from a few, relatively small items, that advice from over three years ago still reflected my current backup setup.  I’ll post a follow-up in a little while reflecting those changes.  In the mean time, jump into your DeLorean and check out the series, starting with Comprehensive Backup – Why You Need More Than An External Drive.

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